Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm

About Peggy Schafer

Peg Schafer has a background in nursery management and farming and is the owner/operator of the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm outside Petaluma, in Northern California.

Since 1997 the farm has grown out more than 260 different herb crops, and has sold to practitioners, pharmacies, product manufacturers, researchers, retailers and the general public. The farm functions partly as an experimental operation trialing Asian herbs compiling an extensive database on the cultivation of herbs of medicinal and economic interest. One of the educational components is a popular nine-month farming apprenticeship for growers, students and practitioners. She is a frequent lecturer at colleges of Oriental medicine, conferences and farming events, where she addresses herb quality, cultivation and conservation, and issues affecting Chinese herbs.

In 2011 she authored the book The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm A Cultivator’s Guide to Small-Scale Organic Herb Production published by Chelsea Green. Peg’s focus in all endeavors is on growing the highest quality and most efficacious Chinese herbs possible. .

 photo by Nina Zhito, 2009