Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm

Gentiana scabra, long dan cao
       photo by Nina Zhito

The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm and Peg Schafer are happy to announce:

On-farm herb walks - email for an appointment.

The farm is situated in the beautiful coastal hills just west of Petaluma one hour north of San Francisco. Primarily an experimental farm we have several hundred different varieties of Asian botanicals under cultivation. Stroll in the demonstration gardens and check out the medicinal orchard. Practitioners and students of Asian herbal medicine, farmers and nursery workers as well as serious gardeners will find the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm an interesting venue.
Seasonal tours are from March - October, Tuesday through Saturday.

Tours are 1 to 1.5 hours and start at 10 am.
Cost:    $ 60 for up to 5 people
             $100 for 6 to 15 people
Please note a 50% non-refundable deposit is required.

Educational programs and events

Peg Schafer is available to present educational programs on or off farm, at universities, agricultural or Oriental medicine conferences as well as radio venues and community events. Frequent topics addressed are herb quality, ecological cultivation practices, traditional and contemporary Chinese herb production, future access of Chinese botanicals, conservation of medicinal plants, the herbal medicine industry and other issues affecting Chinese herbs. Video or voice recording needs to be arranged in advance. For all inquiries please email Peg here.


Advice is available for all aspects of medicinal farm, garden or nursery herb production operations as well as marketing applications by email, or in person on or off site. A custom written report of recommendations will be provided to allow you to grow your operation in line with your objectives.

Are any of these opportunities of interest to you?

  • Obtain a custom plan of action to get your operation growing
  • Find the best site-specific mix of herbs with detailed cultivation and harvest data
  • Get botanical and marketing recommendations to diversify an existing operation
  • Ascertain viability of your targeted goal via a comprehensive operation assessment
  • Acquire an efficient layout for a small farm, greenhouse and nursery
  • Procure a design of an attractive Asian medicinal garden design
  • Imported and domestic medicinal plant assistance and quality control support for herb companies, growers, and industry stakeholders.
  • Do you want something a little different?

Just have a few questions? 15 minutes for $35, 30 minutes for $65.
Project based work billed at an hourly fee of $125.

Email a concise description of what you are seeking to Peg here to get the answers you need for a more successful endeavor.

Peg Schafer specializes in the cultivation and marketing of Chinese medicinal herbs. With a nursery management background and almost 20 years of farming Asian botanicals she is the author of The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm: A Cultivator's Guide to Small-Scale Organic Herb Production book, published by Chelsea Green Publishing.

Peg has been a leader in the emerging market of US produced Chinese medicinal herbs for over 15 years. She has pulled hard won knowledge from the soil, and her tenacity, and insistence on getting it right are essential to the future and quality of Chinese herbal medicine. Peg has been an inspiration and helpful to our group here in the Northwest. Her work will benefit growers, practitioners, and patients for years to come.

“Vivian Henderson, agricultural activist
Mercy Yule, MSAOM, EAMP, Dipl. OM
Co-founders, North West Asian Medicinal Herb Network (NWAMHN)”